Thursday, October 8, 2009

Joey & Kandace {engagements & proposal}.

Okay, so try and tell me that this isn't the cutest couple ever! They were laughing in like all the pictures! Kandace & Joey booked me for their wedding in May and although they weren't "officially" engaged yet, they wanted Fall engagement pictures (as well as some in March). So we went out today for a quick photoshoot. Joey called me the other night to set it up so he could propose to Kandace at the end of it. She bought a fake ring for the pictures, so when we were just about to finish up, I told Kandace that I brought a prop for a pose. A RING BOX. We convinced her that it would be a cute photo op and she could just put her fake ring in it. She handed the ring to Joey and he slyly switched it out with her REAL ring that she hadn't seen yet! It was so FUN and we got it all on tape :) We were so excited!! Congratulations you guys!

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