Saturday, October 31, 2009

callie & tyler {bridals}.

At 11am yesterday it was lightly snowing and the lighting was so perfect so we decided we would reschedule Calli & Tyler's bridals. Anyways, by the time they arrive at our house to meet up, it was raining :( Since Callie had her hair done and everything, we chose to tough it out and get what we could. Well I think they turned out great! And I love the wet, rainy look! Sorry I posted so many, I just couldn't decide!


  1. I know she is my daughter, but these pictures remind of the lyrics from an old song that Stevie Wonder use to sing, "Isn't she lovely...."

    Thanks Chelsea for making this even special!

    -Sharee Barton

  2. I can't even tell that it's raining, but I love the umbrella as a prop.

  3. fantastic photos of a tremendously cute couple!